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Streamlined recruitment process

Cut through the clutter and land the perfect candidates with ProjectHouse's streamlined recruitment process. Abandon the chaos of endless applications and tedious paperwork. Our streamlined process expertly coordinates each stage, seamlessly drawing in top-tier talent and effortlessly onboarding your ideal team for unparalleled efficiency.

Enhanced candidate and client management

ProjectHouse is your partner in building a talent ecosystem fueled by meaningful connections. We bridge the gap between candidates and clients, fostering trust, understanding and mutual success.

Beyond efficiency, ProjectHouse fosters meaningful connections.

Our centralised platform empowers you to manage candidate and client interactions with an unrivalled focus on relationship building. Imagine a world where:

personalised communication
Tailored updates, feedback, and career guidance create a positive experience that resonates with each candidate.
Engaging talent pools
Nurture long-term relationships with potential hires by building targeted talent pools and engaging them with relevant content and opportunities.
Seamless feedback loops
Gather valuable candidate feedback throughout the process, continuously honing your recruitment strategies and improving candidate satisfaction.

Invest smart, build strong: Drive recruitment success with ProjectHouse.

ProjectHouse elevates your client and candidate interactions in ways that transcend communication.

Contact us today and discover how our platform can transform your client and candidate interactions into lasting partnerships.

Collaborative candidate selection

Empower clients to actively participate in the selection process, fostering ownership and boosting alignment with their ideal candidate profile.

Post-placement support

Extend your service beyond placement with ongoing candidate and client support, ensuring a smooth transition and lasting satisfaction.

Brand champion building

Turn delighted clients and candidates into enthusiastic brand advocates, attracting even more top talent and amplifying your employer brand.

ProjectHouse goes beyond connection management. We’re about nurturing a vibrant talent ecosystem.


ProjectHouse's recruitment software can be valuable for businesses of all sizes in various industries.

It is particularly well-suited for industries with a high volume of recruitment needs, such as…


We help companies and employees grow

Our dedication to customer care sets us apart. We work closely with our clients, collaborating to deliver tailored solutions that not exceed expectations but also align seamlessly with their business requirements.

At ProjectHouse, we firmly believe that our support empowers customers to enhance competitiveness and efficiency, leading to increased business throughput and greater profitability.

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Increased Hiring Speed

We help companies reduce their time to hire, enabling them to fill critical roles faster.

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Improved Engagement

Our personalised engagement strategies increase engagement

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Reduced Cost

We can help companies reduce their recruitment costs, making it a more affordable investment

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Amanda, Director

"Our recruitment business has relied on ProjectHouse's SW2 database since 1996 for its speed, comprehensive search capabilities and ease of use. With excellent support and continuous updates, we highly recommend both ProjectHouse and SW2."

Niamh, Development Manager

"After thorough research, we chose SW2 for our recruitment needs. Over the years, it has consistently delivered, offering ongoing improvements and support that enhance our operations. SW2's speed and capabilities give us a competitive edge."

Anne, Managing Director

"ProjectHouse efficiently addresses our needs, with SW2's tailored system and regular updates reflecting industry demands. We are so pleased with their responsive service too."

Simon, Director

"Beyond its full support for our staff supply, the ProjectHouse team excels in its attentive approach. They actively listen, welcome new ideas and consistently enhance SW2 to integrate seamlessly with our business. This dedication ensures fast, safe and excellent service for our candidates and clients."

Mark, Managing Director

"We have partnered with ProjectHouse since our company's inception. They've been consistently supportive and responsive as we've grown. I wholeheartedly recommend them without hesitation."

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